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DETOUR ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. offers a variety of production services for your business as well as for individuals looking to get their name and or brand into the public eye.  Some of our multimedia service packages include:

>Film Production (pre and post)

>Behind the Scenes Footage

>Web Series

>Interviews and Testimonials


>Industrial / Corporate Training videos

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You only get one shot at a first impression and our videography services make that one shot count! 

High quality production videos shot with the industries most current, and best technology, a video Produced by Detour Entertainment is sure to get your brand the attention it deserves.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure that 

your images are saying something!  Our professional photographers have experience shooting just about anything you can imagine. High quality in focus shots make taking a Detour a 'Picture Perfect' idea.

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Putting the finishing touches on your multimedia project can make or break all the hard work that preceeded it.  Detour Entertainment will make sure that your ending is as strong as your beginning by offering the following post production services;


-Color Correction (photo & video)

-Graphic Design

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For any Actor, Director, Business Professional, Musician or Artist your image is your brand!  We offer a variety of photography sessions including but not limited to;






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Auditions are what get you the gig!  Learning to master them can be a challenge and so can having one professionally recorded.  

We here at Detour Ent. record, edit and format any video audition so that you can submit the best quality taping to Casting Directors. 

Our videos are recorded in HD and can be sent via e-mail or any other transfer service without any sort of technical or downgrading issues.  We also construct Slate Shots for those Actors and Actresses who are just starting out and seeking representation via video audition submissions.

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Reels that showcase the best of your talent is a must in this business!  We edit, customize and format your video reel to meet the standards of what every Casting Director, Agent and or Manager is looking for.


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Having trouble getting quality footage for your demo reel? Then Take A Detour!  We can customize and shoot scenes that best showcase your work as an Actor, Spokesperson, Dancer or Musician. 

No need to wait on a project that may or may not see the light of day when you can now create your own via our custom scene creation service!

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