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DETOUR ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. can provide services to a variety of companies, both big and small, seeking to make their brand a household name!  Take a look at some of the companies that have realized the only way to successfully market their brand is by Taking a Detour!

Materials, verbiage and images showcased on this page have been provided by the companies and individuals with their expressed permission and are not to be copied from this page without the expresssed permission from said companies and individuals!

Company Clients


Served as a Sponsor and Production Company

A charity event, held nation wide, where Actors come out to perform in front of some of the Film and Television industry's top Casting Directors, in exchange for non-perishable items!  We were a proud Sponsor and handled all of the photo and video aspects of the event as well as the interviews with special guests.


Served as a Sponsor and Production Company

A bi-coastal annual film festival held in St. Petersburg, FL and Manhattan Beach, CA!  Not only were we a proud sponsor, we also provided all of their video and photo services, as well as Interviewers and Social Media Marketing!


served as the Production Company


Fashion Show production we co-developed and cast with Presage Entertainment, LLC. that debuted at Fashion Square Mall in Orlando, FL which featured talent from all over the world! 


served as the Production Company


A California Style, small plate restaurant, with Caribbean influences, Taste has received reviews from the Orlando Weekly, Sentinel and Orlando Leisure.


provided our Casting Services

Their unique misting fans, are each equipped with patented misting nozzles that produce a mist so fine that it evaporates just after leaving the nozzle, cooling the surrounding air.  We assisted Domino Effect Productions and Laughing Samuri with the Casting for these videos!


provided our Casting Services

EZIIO is a hip new clothing line that is sure to "scare" the competioin away.  With fantastic colors and fitting options for both Men and Women as well as Young Adults, EZIIO is definitely the next big thing in fashion!  We provided Domino Effect Productions with a great Cast of talent for this project!


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